hope 2

hope 2

when everthing hurtsand your heart is fire

thats love

my hearts burns for you

pure fire



i no a lot of people have already forgot about us or given up hope on us or me in particular. dont forget us, cause were gonna be back with a vengeance. betrayal is execution. were gonna make it. i can feel it, the real studio is coming soon . 2 books 1 CD, website. i swear to satan. i just…

I walk
Heart of fire
As it rains
Piles of pills
All too late
Can’t numb the pain
I hate
There for I am
I run
But I understand
Why I escape
And what I am
Forever fire
Giant I stand.

I will fight these wolves forever.
Even if my skin turns to leather
I will fight these wolves forever
All the scars will make me better

— Kgz13 (via wherethekingcomestodie)


screams in dreams

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"anywhere but here;

rusted gold”


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Turning fast but cruising real slow while pages of my life flew out the window. I saw my ghost but didnt know. I had to let go.


“I promise you, nothing will ever stop me. For I am giant, and for my family. My hate and love eternal and infinite. And in our unity we could be infinitely unlimited.”
— Stephen Anthony Diar AKA KGZ13